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Rotary Atomizer

Liquid paint application relies on the technology of a compact Rotatory Atomizer, allowing us to effectively reach narrow passages and small tubes.
With the capability to coat up to 12m pipe, our machinery provides efficient and thorough coverage, meeting the diverse needs of our clients.
Based in Trentino, Italy, MPR takes great pride in manufacturing our machinery entirely in-house.
Our team, along with our collaborations, ensures the reliability and effectiveness of our technology. We are committed to deliver coatings technology for corrosion protection, reducing friction, and enhancing sliding properties.

The Rotatory Atomizer’s shape enables versatile coating equipment sizes, with bells ranging from 19-30-45 mm and the capability to coat tubes up to 12 meters long. Our adaptable technology meets diverse requirements, offering customized solutions tailored to protect specific artifacts.
Rely on MPR’s expertise for customized artifact protection.
Our adaptable technology and precise parameter control ensure effective coating, enhancing durability and performance.